Monday, 10 June 2013

Education and Non-profit

One of the places in this category I looked at was the ECO Commons, a non-profits organization that created by OneWorld US. The island is filled with trees and butterflies signifying the main purpose of the organization, which is to uphold environmental concerns. There is a giant tree with a tree house on top of it where you can find information, events and activities posted by the organization. Volunteers can get information about environmental concerns from this island in a more interesting way and sign up for volunteering works. Other than that, they can also chat with other people, that is currently online and share experiences and interests. 

 ECO Commons Island on SecondLife

Other than ECO commons, I visited LSU Health Sciences Centre. The island has a main building at its center with trees surround it. In the building, you can find a lot of information on researches that have been done by LSU’s scientists in the past. Visitors can also attend group meetings outside of the building where the developer has established a spot for visitors to share thoughts.  There is also a small island with amphitheatre-like structure on it with big screen for visitors to use.

LSU Health Sciences Centre on SecondLife